7.1.2015 – Interview: Evan wins 2 SESAC Awards and talks about scoring “The 100”









6.14.2015 – Interview with





1.4.2015 – Interview with Grande Rock about Spiritual Machines







11.26.2014 – There’s a new band in town and it goes by the name of The Spiritual Machines.  After 2 years of work, the debut record entitled Volunteer hits the street on December 9th, 2014.  I wrote, produced and played this music and it features the mighty James Grundler on vocals.  The theme pays tribute to Ray Kurzweil and his writings.










10.28.2014 – Hollywood Reporter: ‘The 100’: Watch the Intriguing New Opening Titles (Exclusive) with theme music composed by Evan Frankfort


02.01.2014 – Evan’s band “Les Friction” was featured on the CBS Music Special “Music Uncovered”, performing the song “Here Comes the Reign”.  You can watch it here.

jan-9-critics-rebel-wilson01.08.2014 – “Super Fun Night” won the People’s Choice Award for Best New TV Comedy.








The Hundred on CW

Evan Frankfort has been very busy developing an entire palette of sounds and building a massive and unique score for “The Hundred”.  Watch promos of The CW’s “The Hundred” on their website here.  Isaiah Washington says, “The show is… taking the network to a different place that is maybe not what people are accustomed [to] watching on The CW,” Washington enthused. “The Vampire Diaries already opened up that door, but now with [exec producer] Jason Rothenberg we’re going to take it to that Mad Men and Breaking Bad level. It’s not just sci-fi.” [READ MORE]

The Hundred’s air date has not yet been released, but is expected early 2014.


gatwEvan Frankfort is composing the score for the dramatic feature film “The Ghost and the Whale”, starring Jonathan Pryce, Maurice Benard and Tippi Hedren.  “The Ghost and the Whale” tells the story of Joseph Hawthorne, a man who went off to sea with the love of his life and came back to town (Bodega Bay) alone. Accused of murder, Joseph was found not guilty after a long and grueling trial that was nationally covered. Now, Joseph questions his own innocence, because at the time of the death of his wife, he was suffering a bi-polar episode. One year later, acclaimed journalist Ed Hale has been called to Bodega to cover Joseph’s mysterious story. What he encounters is a hornet’s nest of uncontrollable consequences.”

superfunnightABC has ordered more episodes of Super Fun Night.  The half-hour sitcom airs Wednesday nights after Modern Family on ABC.







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