IMG_6146Choosing a guitar, drum or piano is like choosing an op amp, transformer or wave table…everything matters when building a recording.  As they relate to the various components of a production, one exercises control over choices from source to processing hundreds of times each day.  Those choices ultimately define us.  I take nothing for granted and will use whatever tool I can access to push the limits of what I do.  Knowing what a sound wants to play and what sounds it wants to play with is an endlessly fascinating process.  It’s what propels a palette into fresh territory and lends a unique signature to otherwise tired musical approaches.  Sure, you can pull up a preset and play, but sound is alive and it breathes.  In the dynamic context of hands on an instrument, the static image of a preset fails to carry humanity through a performance.  A single process of composition and sound design is the only way I know to make something inspired.

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